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  • Phylls H. Moore

It Happened Again

Mike Pence says his prayers are with the Santa Fe, Texas community. Thanks, Mike. Apparently, we Americans will always have some tragedy to pray over because we are pitiful and our leadership is pitiful. There is something wrong with us. I say us, because we are in this together. Not many of us will be untouched by these school shootings if this continues.

This is the county where I live. I know children who have attended this school. People move there for the rural atmosphere and other reasons. At this time, we don't know the motivation of the shooter or shooters, but we do know there was a gun or guns involved. There are nine confirmed dead as of 11:00 A. M. At this point there are more questions than answers and rumors of a house surrounded and a bomb.

This is what I know for sure: There is a good chance that nothing good is happening around 7:30 A.M. with a gun; terrorists are more common among us, citizens, than among immigrants; children are becoming less safe in public schools; parents are frantically being called and texted via cell phones by their panicking children; nothing has been done about responsible gun regulation; more people will be suffering from PTSD, and they will be younger and younger; children should feel safe at school; educators should feel safe at their job; our leaders are doing nothing visible to address these shootings beyond prayers; proponents of unregulated gun ownership continue to wrap themselves in flags, uniforms, and the promise of a well-regulated militia; this will happen again.

When we vote in the future, we need to consider those candidates having a plan to address the disconnect among our children. It has to be more than a spouse with a slogan. It has to be real, funded, based on research (which the NRA has stifled), and the solution must be viable. Politicians will rush to the area to be visible, but watch them and listen, because they often fade into the wallpaper later. Hold their feet to the fire. Don't stop reminding them. Put your thoughts and prayers into action.

I currently am for reasonable gun control, a compromise with responsible gun owners and stringent vetting of gun buyers, no loopholes. I don't think this is too much to ask for the safety of citizens and especially school children who are sitting targets, or worse, running, screaming targets. I yield to anyone with a better idea. Anyone?

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