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Phyllis was born and raised in south Texas. Small town, rural settings are what she knows best, but she loves being in the city and on Galveston Island, Texas. Southern authors have been her favorite. They capture the character and place she knows and expose everything that is wrong with it along the way. She believes artists, no matter their medium, have a responsibility to use their platform for the greater good.

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Phyllis H. Moore was in her sixties before she published her first book. Yeah, a late bloomer. She has a master's degree in social work and retired from thirty years in the field to own and operate a bed and breakfast for seven years. Those experiences gave her inspiration for settings and characters to populate several novels. She remembers the fifties fondly and some things about the seventies.

Fannie Flagg, Rebecca Wells, Katherine Stockett, and most recently Sarah Addison Allen and Alice Hoffman are some of her favorite authors. Historical Fiction is a favorite and for that she goes to Phillipa Gregory. She's fascinated with Cleopatra. Phyllis also enjoys the classic southern authors, McCuller, Faulkner and Lee. Writers not afraid to expose the underbelly and allow readers to come to their own conclusions are her favorite.

Phyllis enjoys gardening, refinishing furniture, reading, travel, and writing. She currently lives on Galveston Island, Texas with her husband.

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