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Birdie & Jude

Women's Fiction and Historical Fiction, This novel is my best seller. It's set on Galveston Island. Here's a quote from a review by Publisher's Weekly: "Moore brings depth and emotional punch to this utterly absorbing story of magically entwined lives." (BookLife) Publisher's Weekly


And the Day Came

 A saga in historical fiction set on the Lamar peninsula on the coast of Texas is inspired by true events. This is the true story of Doris Marie Linney Moore, threaded with fiction. Two girls, come of age and have a chance meeting. Both long to know the truth about their fathers. In seeking the truth, the men in their lives attempt to protect them, denying them an opportunity they discover in old age.

Bella Rodriguez has decided it’s time to leave her step-father’s home. Her mother has been dead for three years and her older sister has disappeared. Bella’s worry is she may be next. Her only reservation is leaving her younger brother, Manny, behind. Bella’s journey will change drastically when she meets a distracted psychic, Gina, who introduces her to the Boho world she has always wanted to create.


The Bright Shawl
Opal's Story
A gripping family story of tragic loss, forgiveness, secrets and resilience set in rural Texas. Opal's Story is delivered in delicious bites with rich characters. A murder/suicide in 1948 rocks a small west Texas town and leaves a young widow with a new baby questioning her judgement.
The Ember Months

Meet Bessie Black and Lucy, two characters you're not likely to forget. Lucy is like us all and Bessie, well, Bessie is not like anyone you've ever met.


Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series is Available in a six-book


Six Kindle books for the price of one!

The Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series

Book One
Book Two
Book Three
Book Four
Book Five
Book Six
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We Are All Connected Series

Meg's friends and family continue to grow. She's not always the main character, but everyone agrees, she's a character. It was great fun to spin stories around the people Meg grew close to in the first set of cozy mysteries. Even Ross gets in on the action to solve the first mystery.

Editorial Review: "Each installment is better than the last. I can't wait to see what happens when Meg . . ."

Search for Bob, Book One

Berti Alexander is happy to have her retired father in the same town, but she and her growing children, Ross and Kat are crowded in their small trailer. When Ross finds a dead body near the park's creek, moving in the first thing on Berti's mind. Can Meg help Ross find out what's going on in the trailer park?

State's Fair, Book Two
Derrick and Harry visit the Texas State Fair expecting to ride the giant Ferris wheel. However, their expectations are dashed when they encounter a young boy and his distraught mother. Not only will their plans for the evening change, but their routines will be altered for the rest of their lives.
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