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And the Day Came

Historical fiction set on the Lamar peninsula on the coast of Texas is now available. A family saga based on true events. I look forward to introducing readers to some of the real life characters from my hometown. This is the true story of Doris Marie Linney Moore, threaded with fiction to try to explain the heart of the story she never discovered. Two girls, come of age and have a chance meeting. Both long to know the truth about their fathers. In seeking the truth, the men in their lives attempt to protect them, denying them an opportunity they discover in old age.

The Bright Shawl

Bella Rodriguez has decided it’s time to leave her step-father’s home. Her mother has been dead for three years and her older sister has disappeared. Bella’s worry is she may be next. Her only reservation is leaving her younger brother, Manny, behind. Bella’s journey will change drastically when she meets a distracted psychic, Gina, who introduces her to the Boho world she has always wanted to create.

While Bella plans a journey to a new life, Manny is left to face the unraveling of the only home he has ever known. Without Bella, his father’s motives and instability is obvious. He is torn between the loyalty to his father and the dependability of his step-sister. The siblings experience whispers, guiding them to follow their instincts, but sometimes these messages are clouded in their own uncertainty. Will they cling to the known, or strike out and shape their own futures, and if they do, how will they ever know a family?



As a youngster, Sabine is left to fend for herself and depend on the kindness of her closest neighbor. Although her mother's boyfriend is said to be her father, Sabine has her doubts and hopes he isn't. Her abilities and intuition are obvious to those who know her, but few do. Sabine guards her emotions and only admits what she thinks adults need to hear. Her precocious intellect and insight help Sabine navigate her alcoholic mother's deteriorating estate. Josephine, Sabine's mother, is supposed to be her caretaker and protector, but due to mental illness and a dysfunctional family of Southern gothic proportions Sabine is left to her own devices in search of her siblings and someone worthy of being her father. 

Billy's Story
Sabine's brother, Billy has returned and she has to get to know him because she was born after he left to live with his father at the age of six. Her intuition tells her he's a good guy, but she is always wary when things seem too good to be true. He may be the stability she needs to prepare for Josephine's return from rehab. Although she wants to believe it's a new day at Dunn House,  Josephine has her own ideas about her prodigal son. Will Sabine and Billy be successful in changing their family life or will Josephine sabotage their efforts?

Josephine's Journals


 Sabine continues to long to know the identity of her father as she reads the journals  her mother, Josephine, kept since childhood. She discovers the reasons for Josephine's addictions and a history of murder, deceit, abuse and runaways. While Josephine struggles to face a major milestone, Sabine uncovers a family history based on lies and secrets.

While Josephine's traumatic childhood explains why she is a dysfunctional adult, Sabine refuses to allow her to move on until she accepts responsibility for her own failures.





Secrets of Dunn House

A tragic suicide devastates Emily’s home, forcing her and Sabine into the Dunn house. With her new husband, Jimbo, Emily is encouraged to open a bed and breakfast, requiring remodeling and renovation. Sabine’s great grandmother, Elizabeth LeDoux Dunn, manifests to protest any changes in the house. Her appearances give Sabine clues to the dysfunctional history of the infamous Dunn family, revealing murder and deceit.


     Sabine delves into the renovations, ignoring Elizabeth’s protests and embraces the new family she has learned to love. Her relationship with her sister, June, is solidified and her intuitions lead her to horses and the perfect mate. The family grows as Sabine makes plans for her future in this final chapter in what could possibly be the final chapter of the Sabine Series.

Opal's Story


In 1948 a murder/suicide rocks a small west Texas town, devastating a prominent family, changing their lives forever. At the center of the tragedy is Opal Evans, the widow. Over fifty years later, terminally ill, her only desire is to forgive herself for the unspeakable aftermath of the chaos. Opal wants to face the person who betrayed her trust and let him know he separated her from an institution she once cherished.


With the support of her brothers, their families and an unlikely former student, Opal discovers the forgiveness and the faith she thought she left behind in her twenties. In Opal's tale, her niece, Joy, discovers an unexpected love story.

Tangled, a Southern Gothic Yarn


Annette Roberta Randall, "Nettie", in her early twenties,  is still living on an isolated ranch with her eccentric mother, DeCe Kirkland and DeCe's half brother, Pup. The rest of Nettie's montage of a family is concerned about her failure to leave the tainted nest and make use of her many skills and intelligence.


Nettie recognizes she is floundering, but she has lost something. She believes the haunted Berclaire mansion holds the key to  DeCe's fears and foibles and her own discontent. Nettie discovers, through unlikely relationships, that she alone can discover who she is and follow her passion.

The Bridge on Jackson Road, an antholgy

This was a fun book to put together -- a collection of the short stories -- mostly a little spooky, Some of the stories were inspired by actual events, people and places. There are a couple of coming of age tales and musings about past people, like the Karankawa. La Curandera and La Lechuza have always fascinated me in the Tex Mex lore. During my social work days, I went to some out of the way places and visited in homes that could set your teeth on edge. There are no true stories there, but the setting and feel are there. Anyone who grew up in a small town might be able to identify with the teenage past time of visiting local haunts. My school mates from Refugio, Texas will recognize the iconic bridge, several miles down Jackson Road. A bridge where many people have pulled, to the middle, turned off the lights, and howled down the ravine to hear the echoes return from . . .

Retirement, Now What?
My FOMO blog inspired this little book focused on the emotional aspects of retirement. A clickable guide to consider the emotional preparation needed for a relaxing, rewarding retirement. This book is available in ebook only, due to the hyperlinks to resources available to retirees. Click on, Baby Boomers, click on and then keep on clicking!

Heartbeat at my Feet & Heartbeat Too

This pair of novels was titled after Edith Wharton's quote, "My little dog . . . the heartbeat at my feet."
Fourteen year old Lilly felt the same way about her companions.  They were the constant in an otherwise hectic coming of age with her alcoholic mother and rebellious brother, Max. Her furry friends were the thrumming under her hands that kept her focused and centered. Her foster mother and neighbor, Macy, understood Lilly's need for that heartbeat, but even the loyal and faithful can leave us in an instant. What they leave behind can follow us forever.
This set of novels is perfect for ages 13 and up. Lessons in life are not always easy, but gazing in the chocolate brown eyes of a loyal friend can ease the growing pains and help human companions  negotiate life's disappointments and challenges.
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