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  • Phyllis H. Moore

Seven Reason's To Be Thankful, Opal's Story

Opal Evans experienced an unthinkable tragedy in her early twenties, changing her forever. Her experience also changed the lives of her immediate family. This novel takes place in 2008, but revisits the Evans family in 1948. Facing terminal illness and a disappointing prognosis. Opal is forced to consider the state of her spirit and her need for forgiveness. She examines her life lessons and the angels she failed to see along the way at what could be her final Thanksgiving. At the end of a tragic life, what could be the reasons to be thankful?

1. The consistent loyalty of family

2. An ability to be persistent and rebound after a devastating loss

3. Recognizing love in the sacrifices of others

4. Seeing life lessons in the unexpected, for example students and children

5. Believing in the magic of animals and pets

6. Understanding we are one and the Universe is constantly balancing

7. Performing good deeds for no recognition or compensation

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