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  • Phyllis H. Moore

Thoughts on Paris and the World

I belong to several writer's groups on Facebook. They are struggling with the events in Paris as everyone is. I have to say there is more careful thought about the words they share. I understand the anger and frustration. Matthew invited us to share our thoughts on a blog, quoting Flannery O'Connor. I cannot recall the exact wording, but the idea was, I don't know what I think until I read what I said. That explains most writers. Here is what I shared with my writer's group:

You had me at Flannery O’Connor. Words are what we do and they carry with them thoughts. Those thoughts and words have energy, spirit, grace. They also carry confusion, anger, vengeance. I cannot say what the answer to violence is, but I know it cannot be more violence, bitterness and hateful words or symbols. Those words, even from someone abhorring violence, carry the same negative energy, the same. We cannot filter, sieve or funnel it out. It is there, clinging, and it does not matter that it is wrapped in another flag or a different prayer.

We are one, all of us, and we can change the energy of the world, the universe, with our words and other symbols. I watched the video posted, that so many others watched, a young father with his son and a reporter. It began with talk of guns, violence and fear, but the child’s demeanor was changed by his father’s words and his reference to the flowers and candles off screen. A calm presence transformed the scene and the hope was written across the child’s face. I wish everyone could have that father and all people could have that child’s hope. Peace.

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