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Sabine Series Revised

During the pandemic social isolation, I revised the very first novel I wrote, Sabine. I incorporated recommendations from critiques I heard at a writer's conference I attended a few years ago. I think the story has a better flow. Interested readers can get a free download of Sabine by subscribing to my web site.

That undertaking grew to revising the series. I reread all these novels several times. Lucky for me, I still like all these characters, especially Sabine and Billy, but Josephine may be my all time favorite. She's a hot mess (when you read Book Three, you find out why). For a limited time Billy's Story will be at the promotion price of 99 cents, a chance to follow up the free copy of Sabine with the big twist in Billy's Story. The promotion will last from November 10 through 14. And, then you're half way through the series.

I use Pinterest for inspiration and have boards for all of my novels. Visit my profile and check out the images of pets, homes, decors, clothing, scenery, etc. that I envision for my characters. The novel boards are created by title.

I'm an Indie Author, responsible for my own publishing and marketing. Only one out of every ten readers leave reviews on Amazon or GoodReads. Favorable reviews are gold for indie authors. I read them and learn from the criticism as well as the compliments.

Check out my other blog posts where you'll find recipes from my Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series, and reviews of books I've liked. I leave recommendations on BookBub. Check those pages out too.

We're in the Ember Months, approaching the holidays. Stay safe and well. I'm currently working on Book Six of the Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series. Book Six is the working title. I haven't quite figured out what to call the story, but I'm six chapters in and I'm liking some of the new characters. Hope people like the revisions to Sabine.

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