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Pinterest for Social Isolation

A word about this graphic. My virtual friend, Maggie Anderson, is an author. She lives in Australia and saved this photo on Pinterest. I see her pins because I follow her. She’s kept me posted on the recent fires in Australia and how they’re coping with the pandemic. I think the lighthouse is an appropriate graphic for leading us to safety and security.

Do you use Pinterest? If you don’t, here’s a good blog to check out for a description of what this platform can do for you:

I use Pinterest daily, and for many different reasons. For me, it’s like all the best magazines in the world in one place, taking up no space on my coffee table. When I originally joined Pinterest (which is free), I used it for craft ideas, recipes, decorating, hairstyles, mainly for my personal life. The graphics and visuals are great, and they’re usually paired with a blog by someone who knows what their talking about, or a service or business.

Later, I set up a business account (also free), to market the novels I write and create “Boards” to help me visualize characters, settings, clothing, pets, travel destinations, book covers, the list goes on forever. You can view my boards here:

During this time of social isolation, I’ve been referring to Pinterest more than ever. I encourage teachers and parents homeschooling to use Pinterest for resources. This is just one of thousands of blogs that come up when I search for educational resources on Pinterest:

When we plan a trip, I always go to Pinterest for travel blogs on the area. Travel bloggers usually know the out of the way local places that tourists don’t know about. Home Away, One Fine Stay, and Air B & B, use Pinterest to market their rental houses and apartments. It’s free to access these blogs, and the information is as good as any Rick Steves book I’ve bought for planning a trip.

Recipes are probably the most searched item on Pinterest and I use the search weekly. It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, desserts, main dishes, breakfast items, cocktails, they’ll be on Pinterest with scrumptious photos to show you exactly what the finished product COULD look like. Be patient the food bloggers usually put the recipe at the bottom of the blog, so you will read or scroll past some advertising, but it’s always worth it. I’m smelling the pot roast right now, cooking with potatoes, onions and carrots, in the slow cooker. My go to recipe every Christmas is Short Ribs braised with cranberries with a wine sauce. I don’t know why I wait for Christmas.

I have one of those mops with the disposable pads. There’s a bottle of liquid attached. On the handle there’s a button to push to squirt the cleaning liquid on the floor. I never have liked the smell of that liquid. Guess what, others don’t either. There’s a tutorial on Pinterest for a homemade cleaning liquid of vinegar, distilled water, and essential oil. The trick is getting the cap of the attachable bottle. Easy peasy. I now have great smelling cleaner for my mop.

Sometimes, on social media, I’m reading a discussion and think, I know there’s a great quote for that. I have a Pinterest Board for GREAT QUOTES. Others who view my boards can repin to their own. My GREAT QUOTES board is the most often repinned.

Personally, I use Pinterest for organization. I have boards for photos, destinations, fashion, etc. My pins get in excess of 25,000 viewers each month. Many of these views pin a graphic and read no further, but some note the content and click through to my web site:

This is an idea for exploring a new platform if you don’t already use Pinterest. Something to consider in our social isolation. If you do, follow me, and I’ll follow you. I’ve used it for years and have found nothing negative and much positive to enhance my life. This should get you started if you’re interested. Happy pinning. Check out these other blogs about using Pinterest:

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