The Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series


Editorial Review: "Each installment is better than the last. I can't wait to see what happens when Meg . . ."


April, 2022

Book Six in the Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series

In the final installment of the Meg Miller Series, there is another murder, but what does the victim have to do with Meg? Is the murder connected to the mega church group, or is there something else going on? Meg and her mentor, Betts, observe the spirits, alive and dead. In this case the living could be capable of haunting.

Although there will be changes in Meg's little town, especially downtown, the biggest change will happen right in her own backyard. Even with her ability to tap into her own intuition, she never saw this awakening coming.

It may be the end of this series, but not the end of the characters. Many of them have already populated new pages.

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The Sabine Series

A Dysfunctional Family Saga

The Ember Months.jpg
Publisher’s Weekly (Booklife): “Moore's insightful novel centers on a meaningful connection between two women of different generations… Birdie's beautiful home and the beach town are lovely settings for the connections between women struggling with questions about their life choices. Moore brings depth and emotional punch to this utterly absorbing story of magically entwined lives.”
"The richness of each character is a wonderful gift. They are so real, I feel as if I know them personally. ,,, I suggest this wonderful book of friendship, loss and discovery." Amazon Review
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A Cruise of a Beach Read

Meet Arden Somers on the cruise she's been planning for years. She and her friends have talked over cold pizza and brochures in the teacher's work room to find the perfect get-away for after their retirement. The date is set, the deposits are paid, the bags are packed, but there's a hiccup in Arden's plans, and her friends won't allow it to derail them. Can she regroup and save the vacation? Will a new friend be able to get her back on track? Will there be romance? The answers are all in this little story - a novella of a beach read.