Mystery on Inheritance Ranch

Meg Miller inherits a ranch. Good news, right? It rocks her world. Her mother had been estranged from her own family, and Uncle Neal had never been mentioned. Perfectly comfortable with her small cottage, volunteer work, and a new grandchild, Meg is stunned by the inheritance. Sometimes, even good news can be shocking.
Of course, Meg visits to learn more about the place and her mother's family. There's an impressive history, a charming caretaker family, her mother's journal, and a mystery. If she investigates, will she be able to continue the Calihan family legacy, or expose a long hidden secret.

"Mystery, intrigue, and family history fill this book"

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A Cruise of a Beach Read

Meet Arden Somers on the cruise she's been planning for years. She and her friends have talked over cold pizza and brochures in the teacher's work room to find the perfect get-away for after their retirement. The date is set, the deposits are paid, the bags are packed, but there's a hiccup in Arden's plans, and her friends won't allow it to derail them. Can she regroup and save the vacation? Will a new friend be able to get her back on track? Will there be romance? The answers are all in this little story - a novella of a beach read.
Five Star Review-"I know she'd be "big time" with her stories and the "real people" that she creates. If you want an author who doesn't "recycle" characters, read everything Phyllis has written. Each character is their own person, unlike all the others. I don't know whether to call it a gift or talent, but she's got it either way."

The Ember Months

In a story reminiscent of Alice Hoffman and Fannie Flagg, a revisit to a rural town and a previous marriage, forces a young woman to examine her own relationship with death and loss.


Lucy, a young social worker, struggles to deal with the judgement of the community about one of her favorite clients, Bessie. She witnesses first-hand the burdens Bessie deals with on a daily basis and admires her positive attitude. Lucy is inspired by Bessie's positive spirit, and they become friends.


Bessie created the ember months and a world where her family could live and ignore the rules of the rest of society. Lucy respected their alternate existence and was calmed by it. But had Bessie gone too far? Nothing makes sense until Lucy is able to piece together the fragments of her own losses.

The Sabine Series:

Five Star Reviews :


"This book was an unexpected surprise for me. I loved the twist and turns the story took. I guess I didn't have it figured out after all. I would read more from this author. So far Phyllis Moore's books have captivated me! Write on! Write on!"


" I never intended to sit and finish this book in one reading, but I did. By the end of the book, I was wiping the tears from my eyes with joy and happiness . . . It is a Joy to read, an affirmation of living life with integrity and courage and that there is such a thing as "doing the right thing".



"This was just my cup of tea! Loved the strong woman theme, the haunted house and the history. I can picture myself at this old Texas homestead. The dysfunction of the family is extreme but believable... This book was just what I needed. Recently I have had a tough time finding a book that held my attention. Tangled had me sneaking off to my cozy place and escaping the holiday rush. I can hardly wait to start Opal's Story."
Remember, reviews are gold for indie authors. 

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A Dickens of a Crime

Book One of the Meg Miller

Cozy Mystery Series

Meg Miller, retired librarian, community volunteer, mother of Dorie, and best friend of Jean, discovers a naked body in the featured home of the Dickens tour just hours before it's to begin. Although, she doesn't want to look at the shapely blonde's face, Meg is sure she recognizes a fellow committee member. As police arrive and statements are taken, Meg is further shocked to discover she's a suspect. 

Mystery on Inheritance Ranch

Book Three of the Meg Miller

Cozy Mystery Series

Meg inherits a coastal Texas ranch. Good news, right? It stuns her. During a visit with Jean and Tom to survey the property, she recognizes a phantom from her childhood. There's a murder mystery from long ago, a feisty sheriff, and a charming caretaker, but Meg's confused about her responsibility to her ancestors. Should she change her life and take over the ranch? A family Thanksgiving helps Meg make up her mind.

Pelican Beach Murder

Book Two of the Meg Miller

Cozy Mystery Series

Meg Miller takes a relaxing vacation on Galveston Island, Texas with her cat, LaRue. It's all sunshine and sangria until local jealousies and a body wash ashore. Was it a meth deal gone bad, a history of philandering with the husbands of local bridge players, or real estate and the will of the infamous Benet Charles motivating someone to murder Meg's recent acquaintance? 

Blue Feather Mystery

Book Four of the Meg Miller

Cozy Mystery Series

Meg finds blue feathers every where, even when she travels. She's certain someone is trying to communicate with her, but who. Just when she thinks she's figured it out, a new revelation makes her doubt herself. Old friends disappoint her and new friends impress her as she relaxes into her inheritance and discovers why she is destined to have plenty of resources. All of her family and friends are there: Tom, Jean, Petra and Javier, Dorie and Michael, and Mikayla. Once she solves a crime, a bone turns up and there's another mystery to solve. She's just getting started.


The Meg Miller Cozy Mystery Series